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Played with Bob Dylan, The Indigo Girls, Steve Earl, Gillian Welch, Sam Bush, Shawn Mullins, Ani DiFranco and more!




Some artists have great vision, some great voices, and some a great story.  Danielle Howle’s remarkable musical gift embodies all three.  Her phrasing and vocals are unique: one word and you know you’re listening to THE Danielle Howle. Stylistically, she has run the gamut:  jazz, punk, rock, soul, jam, folk, country; and her spirit embraces the truest sense of what we have come to know as Americana.  Her voice is a stunning instrument which, intentionally or not, tugs at your heart strings – making you want to laugh, cry, and cut a rug all at the same time.

Danielle’s extensive catalog has been released independently and on several household names of the American independent label scene: Kill Rock Stars, Daemon Records, Sub Pop and Simple Machines, to name a few.

Her latest release, Swamp Sessions, was recorded deep in the Francis Marion National Forest in a solar powered swamp house on a piece of high ground next to the Echaw Creek. Swamp Sessions is the first solar powered recording in South Carolina, and the first album recorded at Echaw Creek. The presence of the swamp pervades these recordings, and gives them a texture and grittiness that is free from the shackles of modern, over-produced and over-sanitized music.

During her tenure as a musician, she has backed, and been backed up by, musicians whose presence is clear when walking through the Rock and Country Music Halls of Fame.  Where is our Americana Hall of Fame?  Danielle would surely be one of the first initiates. Bob Dylan, The Indigo Girls, Steve Earl, Gillian Welch, Sam Bush, Peter Holsapple, Shawn Mullins, Ani DiFranco, Sara Lee Guthrie/Johnny Irion, Darius Rucker/Hootie and the Blowfish, and Edwin McCain are just a few of  the musicians with whom she’s played. They’d probably all tell you she taught them a lesson or two….this is why the New York Times calls her “an extraordinary mind, a southern storyteller with a gorgeous sense of melody that should be pouring out of stereos everywhere.  She is one to be treasured.” 

Danielle has become a musical troubadour and is the toast of folk communities all over the United States.  Her creativity has helped to inspire other artists in cultivating and refining their own styles.  Ani Difranco offers, “She is an effortlessly powerful singer and a melodically nimble being.”

While an extensive tour schedule keeps Danielle on the road most of the year, she also works as artist-in-residence at Awendaw Green,  Awendaw Green’s founder and owner of the Echaw Creek Swamp house, Eddie White, says “The house resonates nicely and creaks at the right moments to produce beautiful noise.  With Danielle in charge it was truly beautiful.” 

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