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Matt Poss is a fan's artist, and it is not uncommon to see clubs all over the Midwest packed to the rafters with people singing the words to every song. Matt is known for producing his own brand of rowdy high-octane country and the release of Hinges, his third solo album, Matt Poss. Since the release of his self-produced debut album, Fool Enough (2003), and his sophomore effort, Matt Poss The Wild Bunch (2005), Poss has seen his fan-base grow in epic proportions, and has independently sold more than 10,000 albums.

The St. Louis River Front Times describes Matt as another link in the great chain of heartland rockers and a hybrid caught between Mellencamp and Steve Earle with shots of Tom Petty and Jimmy Martin in equal measure. In 2006 The Chicago Tribune grouped Poss with Shooter Jennings, Hank III, and Kevin Fowler as part of a new crop of rising country outlaws. Poss has heard the comparisons before and he proudly wears his influences on his sleeve. Yet, the music is uniquely his own.

Matt Poss grew up in southern Illinois, on a small farm just two hundred meters from the same tracks Steve Goodman rode on as he wrote his classic City of New Orleans. Growing up singing for the Poss Family Bluegrass Band and surrounded by truck-stops and trains, Poss found all the inspiration he needed for writing songs. Two tours in Europe in the past two years have pushed his fan base through the roof, especially with the troops. Back home, the ever-widening circle of influence now includes every state in the Midwest. Poss also gets regular radio play in Texas and on Satellite radio outlaw stations. Matt has shared the stage with Shooter Jennings, Jack Ingram, Marty Stuart, Kid Rock, Miranda Lambert, Shaver, Reckless Kelly and Eric Church, just to name a few.

Whether Poss is performing solo acoustic, or performing legendary four hour sets with his band Rolling Thunder, a Matt Poss experience is something best taken live. In a time when the Country music critics say we need change, Poss is thriving on an original, gutsy sound that makes instant fans out of anyone, whether they like Country or not!

In April 2009, Matt Poss & Rolling Thunder will be entertaining our troops in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. This will be Matt's third tour playing for our troops.

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