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The Compass is a scaled down 34 guitar that is well suited as a travel instrument, as a comfortable guitar for beginners, or as a quality instrument for anyone looking for a great sounding and easy-to-manage smaller sized guitar. A solid spruce top coupled with mahogany back and sides provide for the rich Sierra acoustic tone. Diecast machine heads ensure stable tuning, while the beautiful natural satin finish rounds out the Compass. All Compass guitars include a high quality padded gig bag.



5 stars

TYPE/SHAPE: Travel Size Acoustic
TOP: Solid Spruce
BACK: Mahogany
SIDES: Mahogany
NECK: Mahogany
FRETS: Nickel / Silver
FRET MARKERS: Pearlized Dots with 12th fret "Compass" inlay
BRIDGE: Rosewood
TUNERS: Diecast - Chrome
FINISHES: Natural Gloss , ST10 Bag
ARTISTS: Joel Hamilton


5 stars    March 14, 2011
Love it so much had to get one for myself
by Dustin Bridges

I bought my first Sierra at the Dallas Guitar Show.  It was an Alpine.  I sat down and fell in love with it.  I believe that if a guitar feels right then its the best for you.

So when my daughter wanted to learn how to play I felt very comfortable buying the Compass without having played one.  I was proven right.

This little guitar has a big guitar tone and great action.  The second I tuned it up, it just felt right and I almost didn't want to put it down.  I travel a lot on business and I'm often asked to play at parties and backyard BBQ's.  This little guitar is perfect for all of that.  I can easily carry it on a plane although I do have to be careful when putting it in the overhead.  I also feel a lot better taking this guitar [to] parties instead of my $1200 t@k@m!ne that I use when I'm on stage.

I only have two suggestions: 1.) A pickguard would be great.  I added one on my own but it doesn't follow the contours of the body like the one on my Alpine does; 2.) There is a lot of play in the tuner heads.  This can make tuning a little bit of chore.

Again, a great all around guitar for beginner and pro alike.

5 stars    April 06, 2009
The Compass takes you were you want to go! :0)
by Jorn

This is a Great Guitar!

Don’t be fooled by its small size. It has great tone,
it’s in the middle register very full and sweet at the same time.
After all in the twenties and thirties  this was the size of most guitars especially blues players loved this size!

It’s perfect for someone who writes music.
The volume is just right so you don’t have to scream
your lungs out when you sing, and if you do scream
it’s loud enough anyway! :0)

Very easy to handle and it does exactly what you want.
Finger picking or strumming or fast runs,
slide playing it does it all very good. And it makes you do new stuff you you probably wouldn’t  try on a full sized guitar!

Sure it’s probably great for beginners as well, but that’s not all by any means, and it really shouldn’t be promoted as such either!
It is so much more.

When I tested it I A/B it to a lot more expensive guitars, say ten times the compass asking price,
And this little gem qualified with flying colors in that group of guitars and surpasses a lot of those guitars as well!

So what are you waiting for? Go out and get one!

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