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The Sequoias are popular dreadnought style guitars with features to suit any player. High-quality craftsmanship and materials are the foundation for powerful and warm tones. Attractive, all-wood bindings and unique ComfortGrip diecast tuners set these guitars apart from the crowd. Also available in a left-handed model.



5 stars

TYPE/SHAPE: Acoustic - Rounded Shoulder
TOP: Solid Engelmann Spruce
BACK: Rosewood
SIDES: Rosewood
NECK: Mahogany
PICKGUARD: Tortoise - "Sequoia" Shape
FRETS: Nickel/Silver
FRET MARKERS: Dots w/ 12 Fret "Sequoia" inlay
BINDING: Rosewood
MACHINE HEADS: Diecast - Chrome, ComfortGrip
BRIDGE: Rosewood
BRIDGE PINS: Black with white dots
END PIN: Chrome/metal
STRAP BUTTON: Chrome/metal (at heel)
FINISHES: Vintage Sunburst - Gloss
ARTISTS: Skip Matheny , Chris Roberts , Samantha Crain , Keegan DeWitt , Brendon Anthony , Matt Poss , Jonny Diaz


5 stars    September 18, 2009
Spectacular guitar
by David Quillen

I bought it to learn how to play a year ago.  All my friends and family that play, keep taking this guitar.  It sounds better than their Martins.  I thought I got a uniquely sounding one, but tested another at my local store and it sounded just as good.  I can find a guitar that sounds as good, but it is a $3,000 Taylor. 

Thanks for the great guitar!

5 stars    July 24, 2009
Totally blown away.
by Paul

I have been playing for about three years.

I have had experiences with some great guitars...Martins, Washburns and Ibanez's.

Do a lot of buying and selling, keeping what I can (a) afford and (b) what I like.

I am totally blown away with the "richness" of tone and sheer volume of this guitar.

It completes my set, my Washburn is a Mahogany, Ibanez a Maple and here we sit with a brand I have never heard of and yet so blown away with it!

I'm taken her over to a friends who's been playing for 30 years and has bought a vintage Martin off me and owns another (both D28's one a 6 the other a 12) and we have done a on the spot comparism....I was not disappointed...he was totally surprised and couldn't believe his ears...and his fingers!

Like myself he found the "ease" of playing this guitar to be extrodinary!

As a player who has not had a lot of experience I did not what to think when I found her easy to play, but my friend was totally into this guitar and I could have easily doubled my money on the spot...."could have"!

The set up is great, when I bought her all the tags were still on her, and she basically was given to me out of desperation for the cash.

No I will not be selling this guitar. 

Shelly the Sierra has found a home!

There is one slight blemish with the "engleman spruce top" at the bridge to the heel of the guitar you can see (but not feel) where the wood has been joined together. (It's not a crack but rather a slight line)

This does not effect the play or sound of the guitar, but have seen others look at it as "lower quality" and possibly is one of the reasons why I got Shelly so cheaply...

Sound 5/5

Appearance 3/5

Ease of play 5/5

Stays in tune 5/5

5 stars    April 17, 2009
My Sierra Guitar
by Brendon Anthony

I'm a touring musician and, even under the best circumstances, the acoustic instruments are asked to do a lot. My Sierra has to stack up against two electric guitars, drums, organ, bass guitar, etc. It holds it's own night after night and sounds great doing it! I play several different types of instruments and the Sierra's pickup and pre-amp allow me to mix it into my signal chain perfectly. I really appreciate it's reliability and tone every night. Thanks Sierra! Brendon Anthony Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, etc. for the Pat Green Band

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