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The Sunrise has stylish looks in a comfortable, auditorium size guitar that yields well-balanced tone from top to bottom. Choose spruce for enhanced projection and a crisper sound or cedar for a richer, more mellow tone. Sunrise series guitars include a bone nut and saddle, ComfortGrip diecast tuners, and a Barcus-Berry pickup and preamp system (except SA28C).



5 stars

TYPE/SHAPE: Auditorium - Acoustic Electric Cutaway
TOP: Spruce
BACK: Mahogany
SIDES: Mahogany
NECK: Mahogany
PICKGUARD: Tortoise - "Sunrise" shape (NATURAL finish only)
FRETS: Nickel / Silver
FRET MARKERS: Dots w/ 12th fret "Sunrise" inlay
MACHINE HEADS: Diecast - Chrome, ComfortGrip
BRIDGE: Rosewood
BRIDGE PINS: Black with White Dot
END PIN: Chrome / Metal
STRAP BUTTON: Chrome (at heel)
ELECTRONICS: Barcus Berry Breeze II Preamp System
FINISHES: Black , Natural Gloss , Transparent Blue , Wine Red
ARTISTS: Matthew Mayfield , Keith Roberts , Ashleigh Flynn


5 stars    April 26, 2011
I love this guitar!
by Stephanie Pinion

So I got this guitar (SA28CE) probably a little bit over a month ago, I play it ALL the time!  I was at the local music store with my guitar teacher (because he said my that Washburn guitar was firewood). I tried out a couple of guitars,  one of those in the Alpine series, but it was too big for my little self (and it just wasn't "the" guitar); then I tried out an Epi, still too big and not "the" guitar.  Then my teacher pulls this guitar of the shelf and tells me to try it, so I held it and looked at it for a second, and oh my goodness! This thing is GORGEOUS!  I thought it surely HAD to be out of my price range.  Then I played it, WOW.  It sounded PHENOMENAL (sorry about all THIS, I just am really excited about it).  In my opinion, it sounded better than my guitar teacher's Martin of similar style.  And when they plugged it in, I was sold.  I asked them how much it was (I was expecting to be blown away), and I was blown away; they can make a guitar this great and affordable at the same time?!  So I got it, and I play the dickens out of it at church and gigs and it sounds as good as the day I brought it home.  I HIGHLY recommend this guitar, you will not be sorry.

5 stars    March 30, 2011
Sierra Sunrise, I can't put it down! :)
by Matt Lemons

I live in a town with a small music store and there are no others within a 100 mile radius and the owner started to carry Sierra acoustics. Several times I went in there to buy strings or picks I would look at all of his Acoustic Guitars and the Sunrise just stood out to me. I played it on several occasions and just loved the tone, feel, shape, and sound of it. I've been wanting a grand auditorium body style acoustic-electric for a long time and finally decided to go with a Sierra.

I compared this guitar to similar acoustic-electric guitars by Fender, Seagull, Ibanez, Alvarez and Ventura and this is the one that felt right. The action and fretboard is perfect and makes it so easy and smooth to play. The tone resonates very well for a guitar smaller than a dreadnought. The Barcus Berry pickups aren't as impressive as the guitar but it definitely sounds amazing through an amp or a PA too. Unplugged or on stage, it sounds excellent.

If you are thinking of buying a new acoustic-electric and want a body style smaller than a dreadnought so that it's much easier to handle and play, go with a Sierra Sunrise. They only cost around $329.00 but play like a guitar twice the price. Sierra is a new company but if they keep making such great guitars at affordable prices I can see them becoming a better known brand and competing with big names like Fender.

5 stars    March 14, 2011
Full - Sharp - Sound
by Jeff Hoss

My favorite guitar to play in my collection. It has a very distinct sound, sharp and crisp through the strings. I enjoy it very much and love playing it in front of family and friends.

Jeff Hoss

Manhattan KS

5 stars    March 31, 2009
One of the best gifts I have received...
by Jessica Horn

My lead guitarist (Brian Beets) teaches and sells guitars at the TuneShop in Leavenworth KS. He told me about Sierra last year. He'd been suggesting I upgrade my own instrument for some time, but I hadn't gotten around to it yet. We played a show the day after Christmas, and the band surprised me with a brand new Sierra Sunrise SA28 in wine red before the show. I was hooked that first night. My Sierra is so much easier to play than my previous acoustic guitars. The tone is as gorgeous as the instrument itself whether I'm playing it in my living room or running it direct on stage. I highly recommend Sierra Guitars to my friends and peers. And now I have yet another reason to be thankful for my band!

-Jessica Horn

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