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The Sunrise has stylish looks in a comfortable, auditorium size guitar that yields well-balanced tone from top to bottom. Choose spruce for enhanced projection and a crisper sound or cedar for a richer, more mellow tone. Sunrise series guitars include a bone nut and saddle, ComfortGrip diecast tuners, and a Barcus-Berry pickup and preamp system (except SA28C).



5 stars

TYPE/SHAPE: Auditorium - Acoustic Electric Cutaway
TOP: Engelmann Solid Spruce Top
BACK: Rosewood
SIDES: Rosewood
NECK: Mahogany
PICKGUARD: Tortoise - "Sunrise" shape
FRETS: Nickel / silver
FRET MARKERS: Dots w/ 12th fret "Sunrise" inlay
MACHINE HEADS: Diecast - Chrome, ComfortGrip
BRIDGE: Rosewood
BRIDGE PINS: Black with white dots
END PIN: Chrome Metal
STRAP BUTTON: Chrome/Metal (at heel)
ELECTRONICS: Barcus Berry Breeze IV Preamp System
HEADSTOCK: Maple wooden logo
FINISHES: Natural Gloss


5 stars    March 16, 2011
[Great] Replacement
by Connie

Recently sold my solid top Alvarez acoustic to a friend who borrowed it to take lessons while she decided what guitar she wanted to buy.  Since I've gotten into recording, and the Alvarez wasn't pre-amped, I decided to give into her begging and sell it to her.  This meant, I'd have to find a replacement.  (Darn) 

Tried out several guitars, over several months (to the amusement of my local music store), and couldn't find anything with the rich tone I had from the Alvarez.  They bought one Sierra SAS30CE (with the Barcus-Berry Breeze IV preamp) based on their experience at a sales convention, as their "test".  I played it once, and fell in love.  Solid top, nice looking, rich deep tones, no buzzing, very nice action...played it a second time and bought it. 

I think this is going to "age" nicely.  The richness in tone is already there, and with some time and playing it may end up as warm and rich my 1950s Gibson. 

I'm not a fan of [overseas made] guitars, but I'd have to give this one high points across the board.  It's not the most expensive guitar I have, but it definitely sounds as good as the ones I've dropped more on over the years. 

Strongly suggest you try it, and judge for yourself. 


5 stars    December 02, 2009
A Great Sounding Guitar
by Kirsten Charrette

I was shopping around, hoping I could find a good Taylor or Martin in my price range. But a very good Taylor can get very expensive. I went to a local music store and played around with some Yamahas. The Sierra was hanging up, but I didn't try it, because I had never heard the name before.
I invited my cousin, an extremely experienced guitar player, to come try out the guitars at the music store. He played every guitar, but his favorite guitar was the Sierra guitar. So I decided to give it a try, and the sound was amazing. For a fairly small-bodied guitar, the sound was rich and deep. It was a solid top, and it was just in my price range. An overall genuinely good guitar is hard to find. But I have found one!

5 stars    September 22, 2009
Pardon My Gushing
by Jerad

Trust Me
I don’t want this review to sound like the typical, often doubted proclamation that the affordable guitar I’m praising here is x times better than a guitar with a price tag of x times greater.  I don’t want it to sound like one of those reviews because I always seriously doubt and question them.  Sorry, this is going to sound like one of those reviews.  But I ask you to trust me on this one.  

The Short of It
The Sierra Sunrise SAS30CE that I received to replace my expensive Mart*n D18 workhorse was beautiful and it’s aesthetics were only surpassed by it’s tone.  The appointments like the maple binding, inlaid logos, those great tuners, that kind of tone, superb electronics and near perfect playability are not suppose to happen on a sub $500 guitar.  I can really hardly believe it.  I’m actually embarrassed at my gushing.  

Don’t Try This at Home Kids
The cases that Sierra Guitars come in are the nicest I’ve seen, they are also built like tanks.  I actually ran over my guitar in the case with my full sized truck and although the case has more character now and a missing latch my guitar was still in it’s perfect condition.

Value and Quality
My intention to use less expensive guitars to travel and perform with (because they get hammered) brought me to this unbelievable convergence of value and extremely high quality.  I really feel like I upgraded my instrument with the help of Sierra Guitars.

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